QCSPCChart for JavaScript

A new version of QCSPCChart SPC Charting tools is now available for JavaScript


Boston, Mass. – November, 2013 – Quinn-Curtis, Inc. has released a JavaScript  version of its popular QCSPCChart SPC Charting tools. The QCSPCChart for Javascript software represents an adaptation of the QCSPCChart library to the Javascript and the HTML5 user interface framework. It was created utilizing the Google GWT (Google Web Toolkit) development tool. All of the system dependent graphics have been replaced with HTML5, Canvas-based, JavaScript equivalents. The result is an easy to use, interactive, SPC Charting package which will run on any computer which supports a modern browser. A modern browser is considered one that supports HTML5, and particularly the HTML5 Canvas element. This includes: IE (9+), Firefox (1.5+), Safari (1.3+), Chrome, and Opera (9+).

Because the underlying library was created using Google GWT, the underlying Javascript functions are not directly accessible to the programmer. Instead, you will customize SPC charts using a scripting language we have developed, utilizing JSON (JavaScript Object Notation). JSON is a widely used, text-based open standard designed for human-readable data interchange. It can be used with virtually any language, though most developers will embed the JSON in Javascript found in the host. Chart defining JSON can be embedded in a Javascript program, or retrieved from a server using web services. See the online manual for more information.

Developer versions of the software can be downloaded under a 30-day trial. Web sites can be created using paid versions of the software royalty free; no per/web site  license is required. Details are found on the product web page.

QCSPCChart SPC Charting Tools for JavaScript

The software can be used with any development system which can edit HTML files. It is compatible with  Visual Studio 2010, 2012 (and higher),.  The example programs are all HTML files with embedded JavaScript.


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