QCChart2D, QCRTGraph and QCSPCChart for Windows Apps

New versions of the QCChart2D Charting Tools, QCRTGraph Real-Time Graphics Tools, and QCSPCChart SPC Charting tools are now available for the Windows App (UWP) Framework


Boston, Mass. – May, 2016 – Quinn-Curtis, Inc. has released Windows App*  versions of its popular graphics software: QCChart2D Charting Tools, QCRTGraph Real-Time Graphics Tools, and QCSPCChart SPC Charting tools. The new versions have been re-written to use the Universal Windows Platform (UWP)  retained graphics rendering system. One or more charts  can be instantiated and nested in the XAML portion of a page, and defined in detail in the behind code (C#) of the page.

Some of the reasons developers will want to target the Universal Windows Platform are highlighted by Microsoft on their web site at: ( Using the UWP framework you can target mobile devices (phones, tablets, and other dedicated devices) and Windows desktop applications – any device which can run Windows 10. You will also be able to compile  release versions of your application to native code, bypassing the .Net code interpreter, and resulting in much higher performance. See the Microsoft article details.

Developer versions of the software can be downloaded under a 30-day trial. Windows Apps can be created and distributed using paid versions of the software royalty free. Details are found on each products web page.

QCChart2D Charting Tools for Windows Apps

QCRTGraph Real-Time Graphics Tools for Windows Apps

QCSPCChart SPC Charting Tools for Windows Apps

The software is compatible with  Visual Studio .Net 2015 (and higher).  All example program projects are in Visual Studio 2015 format.

* Windows Apps are the latest name for a class of Windows application programs sold as digital media through the Microsoft Windows Store: . Past names for this class of products include Windows Store Apps, Metro Apps, UWP Apps and Universal Windows Apps. This products is not a Windows App. It is a library which is used to build your own Windows Apps, which would then sell through the Microsoft Windows Store, following Microsoft’s standard procedures for selling digital media.

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