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Now available for Windows Apps (UWP)

The QCSPCChart SPC Control Chart Tools software is an object oriented toolkit aimed at developers who want to add static and dynamic quality control charts to their workstation and web applications. Typical users are SPC engineers and other quality control professionals creating applications that will be used to monitor critical quality factors in manufacturing, process, and service industries. The toolkit includes templates for the most common SPC control chart types: variable control charts (X-Bar R, X-Bar Sigma, Individual Range, Median Range, EWMA, MA, MAMR, MAMS and CuSum charts), attribute control charts (p-, np-, c-,  u-, and DPMO charts), frequency histograms, probability charts and Pareto diagrams. The software will automatically calculate SPC control limits using historical data for the supported variable control chart and attribute control chart types. Alarms can be generated for standard +3 sigma control limits, or standard SPC rule sets (WECO, Nelson, Juran, Hughes, Gitlow, AAIG, Westgard and Duncan).  It will also calculate process capability ratios (Cp, Cpl, Cpu, Cpk and Cpm) and process performance indices (Pp, Ppl, Ppu and Ppk). Versions available for .Net (VB and C#), WPF (VB and C#), .Windows Apps, Android, Java, Silverlight and JavaScript. Full developer versions for $300 - $450.

QCSPCChart SPC Charting Tools for .Net, Java and Android

QCRTGraph Real-Time Graphics Tools for .Net, Java and Android


Now available for Windows Apps (UWP)

The QCRTGraph Real-Time Graphics Tools toolkit is for developers who want to add sophisticated real-time graphics to their workstation and web based applications. It is designed for on-the-fly rendering of the real-time data using new specialized classes for scrolling graphs, gauges (bar graphs), meters, annunciators and text. Advanced user interface features such as zooming and tool-tips can used with real-time scrolling charts. A process variable class manages real-time data, an unlimited number of alarms, and data archiving. Real-Time displays can be sent to supported output devices at the resolution of the device, creating presentation quality printouts, slides, or transparencies. Versions available for .Net (VB and C#), .WPF (VB and C#).Windows Apps,  Android, Java, Silverlight.  Full developer versions for $300 - $325.



Now available for Windows Apps (UWP)

The QCChart2D charting toolkit is for developers who want to add sophisticated interactive charting graphics to their applications and web sites. The toolkit includes support for linear, logarithmic, antenna and polar coordinate systems used by engineering and scientific end users. It also includes support for advanced time/date and elapsed time, coordinate systems required by business end users. Advanced user interface functions allow users to interact with applications using the mouse: adding annotations, selecting, marking and moving data points, drilldown, tooltips and zooming into a particular chart region. Versions available for .Net (VB and C#), .WPF (VB and C#), Windows Apps, Android, Java, and Silverlight. Full developer versions for $175 - $225.


  QCChart2D Charting Tools for .Net, Java and Android


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Quinn-Curtis provides scientists and engineers with extensively researched, well written, and reasonably priced software tools for use on personal computers.

Quinn-Curtis software tools are written for developers who might not have the time to write, test and debug low-level data display (charting, real-time graphics, 3-D graphics), numerical methods algorithms or user interface software. 

Quinn-Curtis is a leading supplier of real-time graphics tools software, for Windows, .Net, and Java platforms. Our software has been used by major industrial and government laboratories throughout the world for more than 23 years. These software tools have saved tens of thousands of programmers hundreds of thousands of man-hours in the development and testing of in-house and commercial software.



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