Case Study #3 – Display of Time-Based Events

A UK company had us add custom classes to our QCChart2D for Java for the display of time based items. This included unique object representation for time instance, and range, events, including identifying labels. Multiple events could be stacked on top of one another. A user interface was included where the user can drag and drop the endpoints of the time instance and range events, with the chart reorganizing itself so that events were vertically displaced so as to not overlap in the horizontal plane.

Display Features

  • A time instance event designated by an occurrence time and label – implemented as a standalone object
  • A time range event, designated by a starting and ending time and label – implemented as a standalone object
  • Time instance events within a time range event. Displayed as numbered arrow markers within the parent time range event.
  • Multiple rows of instance data, with multiple, possibly overlapping instance items per row

User Interface Features

  • User can click and drag time a instance events, moving it within its time line.
  • User can click and drag the starting and ending times of a time range event within its time line
  • If event objects overlap in the horizontal plane, they will be repositioned horizontally to eliminate overlap.
  • Tool tip feature for every event