QCChart2D Charting Tools for JavaScript/TypeScript

The QCChart2D software has been converted to JavaScript for your web applications


Boston, Mass. – July  2020 – Quinn-Curtis, Inc. has released the JavaScript/TypeScript version of its QCChart2D software. It is based on Rev. 3.0 of the QCChart2D software.

Written around the HTML5 Canvas graphics framework, and organized as JavaScript ES6 module imports , the resulting JavasScript library is completely independent of all third part libraries. The result is an easy to use, interactive, Charting package which will run on any computer which supports a modern browser, running under Windows or Linux. A modern browser is considered one that supports HTML5, and particularly the HTML5 Canvas element. This includes: IE (9+), Firefox (1.5+), Safari (1.3+), Chrome, and Opera (9+). Since the software is pure JavaScript, it can be inserted into traditional and MVC Asp.Net applications.

For a detailed list of the features found in the software see this summary sheet: QCChart2D for JavaScript/TypeScript .

Developer versions of the software can be downloaded under a 30-day trial. Applications created using paid versions of the software can be used in websites royalty free; no redistributable license is required.

The QCChart2D for JavaScript/TypeScript charting toolkit, supplied as a JavaScript ES6 compatible module, is for developers who want to add sophisticated interactive charting graphics to their web applications. The toolkit includes support for linear, logarithmic, polar and antenna coordinate systems used by engineering and scientific end users. It also includes support for advanced time/date, event, and elapsed time coordinate systems required by business end users. Advanced user interface functions allow users to interact with applications using the mouse: adding annotations, selecting, marking and moving data points, drilldown, tooltips and zooming into a particular chart region.

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