QCSPCChart Rev. 3.0

The QCSPCChart software for the .Net, WPF and Java frameworks has been upgraded to Rev. 3.0



Boston, Mass. – Nov.  2017 – Quinn-Curtis, Inc. has released Rev. 3.0 of its QCSPCChart software. The new revision is for the following frameworks/versions of QCSPCChart:

QCSPCChart SPC Control Chart Tools for .Net – model # NET-SPC2-DEVR

QCSPCChart SPC Control Chart Tools  for WPF – model # WPF-SPC2-DEVR

QCSPCChart SPC Control Chart Tools for Java – model # JAV-SPC2-DEVR

The new revision adds a Levey-Jennings chart, a SPC chart with using an integrated set of Westgard rules that is very popular for laboratory quality control. Enhanced user-interface features, which apply to all of the SPC chart types, include an integrated zooming control for the x-axis of the charts, and button/toggles which will hide/display elements of the integrated table, and charts. Programming features include enhanced annotations, enhanced out of limit symbols, and bad sample interval marking. New control limit options permit customization of the N of M rules (2 out of 3, 4 out of 5, etc.) used in the Named Control Rules (WECO, Nelson, Juran, Hughes, Gitlow, AAIG, Westgard and Duncan Rules) supported by the software.

For a detailed list of new features found in Rev. 3.0, see this summary sheet: Rev. 3 New Features

Developer versions of the software can be downloaded under a 30-day trial. Applications created using paid versions of the software can be redistributed royalty free; no redistributable license is required. Details are found on each products web page.


QCSPCChart SPC Charting Tools for .Net

QCSPCChart SPC Charting Tools for WPF

QCSPCChart SPC Charting Tools for Java


The software is compatible with  Visual Studio .Net 2015 (and higher), and SharpDevelop


Current Developers can upgrade to Revision 3

 Developers who have purchased the QCSPCChart software within the last two years can upgrade for free to the new, Rev. 3.0 version. The original download links sent to the developer at the time of the original order will download the new version. Developers outside of the two year window can purchase an upgrade for approximately 50% of list:  $150 – $175 USD. To purchase the upgrade use your original download link sent to you at the time of your order. That will link you to an upgrade order page.


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