The website SPCChartsOnline.com had us create all of the example SPC charts used on the website. It demonstrates how our QCSPCChart for JavaScript/TypeScript can integrate interactive charts directly in a WordPress hosted website.

Display Features

  • The website features 21 different SPC chart types including charts for Variables (XBar-R, XBar-Sigma, EWMA, MA, MA-MR), charts for Attributes (p-chart, np-chart, c-chart, u-chart, DPMO chart), Histograms and Pareto charts.
  • Integrated table support summarizing alarm status and sample interval data.
  • Integrated frequency histogram support for checking to see if sample data is normal.
  • Charts can be customized using simple Bootstrap-based menu buttons and dialogs.

User Interface Features

  • The displays are optimized for both workstation (mouse-based) and tablets (touch-based). They are even usable across a wide range of large screen smart phones.
  • Synchronized scrolling of the charts and the related data table, using either a scroll bar, or a zoom window.
  • Tool-tips for displaying sample data and alarm status.
  • Toggle buttons can add/remove sections of the charts or table in order to maximize chart clarity within a fixed amount of space
  • The integrated zoom feature can be used to instantly re-scale the charts from the default 10-20 sample intervals to hundreds sample intervals.